I’ve had others prune my trees, but my Apple and Japanese Maples have never been happier or received more compliments. His estimate will generally be the same as other companies, but this is his solo business, his knowledge and love is tremendous, and he works by bike!
— Sarah
I highly recommend Adam for your tree pruning needs. In the planning process, he asked me some very helpful questions about how I envisioned our yard and our trees for the future. I really appreciated his thoughtfulness and ability to explain his recommended pruning approaches.
— Hannah
Another vote for Co-Creative Pruning. We were really impressed by all the time and advice he offered and the very frank recommendations on whether we should even spend money on some of what we were inquiring about.
— Ben
I can’t thank Adam enough for saving our very old Ornamental Cherry tree and our pink Dogwood as well. I was hesitant about using chemicals to tame the fungus eating them and he has been able to improve the health of the trees so that they can fight the fungus themselves! He is professional and courteous and does it all from a bike with a really long trailer. He is a stand up guy with a talent and passion for trees.
— Catherine
We had Adam prune an overgrown Japanese Maple tree in our backyard. The maple looks extraordinary. We knew having it professionally pruned was a good idea, but we didn’t know how beautiful it could really look. We are very impressed with his work, knowledge, and willingness to explain things to you.
— Becky
We recently bought this house and it was great to have Adam take me on a tour of my own trees. He was professional, very nice, the work was quiet (my toddlers were napping while he was working so this was important to me), punctual, inexpensive, and he bikes away all the debris.
— Amanda
It doesn’t get any better than this! Adam is proficient and great to work with. We’ve used him for several years now on large Plum trees and ornamental bushes around our house. We have him back on a regular schedule to keep things in order. It is a great bonus that he doesn’t use noisy equipment and that all is hauled away to be recycled via his nifty bike trailer.
— Andy
Adam showed significant knowledge and expertise regarding recommended techniques for pruning our Coral Bark Maples, Lionshead Maple and evergreen conifers. They looked beautiful when he was done and now they can continue to grow in a healthy way. We trusted Adam to do the job and are grateful for his humble and confident presence and professionalism.
— Patricia