Japanese Garden, Fruit, & Ornamental Tree Pruning


Ornamental Tree Pruning

Like an untamed river eroding its banks, an unpruned tree can interfere with the plants, structures, & paths in your yard.

Like a dammed river spilling over, a stub-cut tree can erupt with shoots & sprouts in all directions.

Like a system of levees & canals, strategic pruning will calm, redirect, & guide the flow of your tree around your property. 


Fruit Tree.jpg

Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit Tree Pruning starts with guiding the structure of vegetative growth towards the light to make sugar, and ends with managing the weights, levers & fulcrums of reproductive fruit.

Fountain & pyramidal shapes allow different species of fruit tree to bring sunlight to their bottom and interior, giving the branches you can reach a reason to keep their leaves & fruit. 

Before you ask a branch to hold your food, make sure its posture is good and it's lifting with its knees.


Japanese Garden-Tree Pruning

The transparent veils, winding branches, tiered form, and intriguing "clouds & windows" for which Japanese Garden Trees are prized are all achieved by pruning the structure and allowing the canopy to follow.

Micro-managing the sub-branches & leaves of Japanese Garden Trees frequently results in too many branches with too few leaves, starving for sugar and competing for space. Instead, we want fewer branches with more leaves, well-fed by the light with plenty of room to grow.

Japanese Garden-Tree pruning is about strategic precision, not domineering control. Beauty will follow understanding.